Three leadership events back to back in France: 

19-22 May – the D-Transform Leadership School, Nancy, France: Contact D-Transform.

22-23 May the ICDE Leadership Summit, before known as the ICDE Presidents' Summit, hosted by UNIT, Université Lorraine, Nancy, France: Contact UNIT.

24 May Visionary Leadership for Digital Transformation, Paris, France, hosted By UNESCO, organised by ICDE, D-Transform and UNESCO, contact ICDE.


The ICDE Leadership Summit, previously known as the ICDE Presidents’ Summit, invites for many types of leaders in education, particularly those who have an interest in learning and teaching in the digital age and learning analytics.

The 2017 ICDE Leadership Summit hosted by UNIT at Université de Lorraine, will be held 22-23 May 2017 at Nancy, France. Register for the Summit here.

It is organised back to back with a one day Forum “Visionary Leadership for Digital Transformation”, taking place the day after the Summit at the UNESCO Head Quarters in Paris, organised by ICDE, UNESCO and the project D-Transform. This Forum will address and call for action on the key opportunities and issues for fostering and implementing good governance and visionary leadership for digital transformation in higher education.

Participation in the Forum is free by invitation only. A round of invitation is to be issued this week. If you are interested in participation, please contact icde@icde.org

These two combined events offer a rare opportunity to explore in depth the strategic main issues for higher education leaders setting course for quality teaching and learning in a time of digitalisation.